SuperSauce Range


Tomato & Herb

Our trusty Tomato & Herb sauce is definitely our most versatile! This cooking sauce has all the natural goodness of chia seeds and pinto beans, as well as the rich traditional flavours of tomato, basil, coriander and oregano.

Great for Pizza Sauce, Pasta Sauce, etc



Tomato & Chilli

Add a spicy kick to your day with our Tomato & Chilli sauce. As with all our cooking sauces, it is packed with nutritious chia seeds and pinto beans. If you’re looking for flavour but don’t want to compromise on nutrition, this is the perfect addition to any meal.

Great for Pasta Sauce, Pasta Arrabiata, etc



Our Madras cooking sauce brings Eastern aromas to your table by introducing oriental flavours to the goodness of chia seeds and pinto beans. Be delighted by every mouthful!

Great for Curry, Korma, Madras, etc.